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Muscoth Halwa | Buy Online | Mudalur Sweet-1KG

Muscoth Halwa | Buy Online | Mudalur Sweet-1KG image
Muscoth Halwa | Buy Online | Mudalur Sweet-1KG image
Muscoth Halwa | Buy Online | Mudalur Sweet-1KG image
Muscoth Halwa | Buy Online | Mudalur Sweet-1KG image
Muscoth Halwa | Buy Online | Mudalur Sweet-1KG
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Product Native: Made in the town of Mudhalur, TamilNadu (India) for north of 50 years. The first formula is from Ceylon

Specialty:A Coconut Milk Delight.The Recipe of the current, Muscoth Halwa, traces all the way back to 1966, when Joseph Abraham, our granddad (1927-2002) began his R&D with Coconut Milk, Cashews, Refined Wheat, Samba Wheat, Raisins and Cardamom. He did this R&D alongside his oldest little girl Devakani, that is our Mother, who was then in her young.

As our granddad whenever had lived in Srilanka, and later had moved to India, it was said and accepted that the formula was brought somewhere around him from srilanka. As the oldest Grandson, I myself had made different visits to Srilanka to track down a sweet with this taste, yet it was mysteriously gone. However, when we began getting some information about this with his companions and siblings, they generally said that making muscoth halwa, utilizing coconut milk, was a result of, as a matter of fact, our Grandpa Joseph Abraham.

However the formula is typically accessible on the web today, certain miniature codes of the cooking system aren't. The subtleties were given to the formula organizer's more youthful grandson named I . Johnson. That is the justification for why the flavor of SJ Muscoth Halwa stands one of a kind till date.

Everything began with an exceptionally unassuming shop in Mudalur, a respectable town under the then Thirunelveli District. The name Tirunelveli has been formed from the three Tamil words for example 'Thiru - Nel - Veli' meaning Sacred Paddy Hedge. Later it became Nellai Kattabomman District, however today the town goes under Thoothukudi District.

Many need our Muscoth Halwa in its delicate structure, so we make it the manner in which they wish. Yet, there are not many Grandpa days individuals the people who need it in it's harder chewy structure, we make it for them on exceptional solicitations. To make a harder, chewy-type Muscoth Halwa, it requires an alternate stroke. The taste, shading, and flavor would contrast a smidgen. To make a harder chewy-type Muscoth Halwa it requires an alternate stroke and additional cooking hours.

Fixings: Wheat (Godhumai), Sugar (Sarkarai), Coconut Milk (Thengai Paal),Cashew.

Taste: Sweet (High)

Nature of the Food: Semisolid finished sweet

The most appropriate for: Sweet Lovers

ShelfLife: 25 days

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